Tips for Celebrating a Romantic Weekend in a Gatlinburg Hotel

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Are you hoping to surprise someone special with a romantic getaway weekend? Let’s face it, fun experiences are always better than anything you can wrap up in a box. But where do you begin? You know that you’d like to find cheap hotels in Gatlinburg, and you know you’d like to have some activities lined up to make the weekend worthwhile. With so many options to choose from, it’s nice to turn to the travel experts to help you narrow it all down. Below are a few hot tips from the pros to help you plan and celebrate a romantic weekend.

Get a Room with a View

When the time comes to celebrate a romantic milestone, such as an anniversary or engagement, you’ll probably want to spend most of your time alone in your room. One way to make that experience more luxurious is to find an affordable room with a view and/or a balcony. You can enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon tea, and a nightly toast of champagne all in the same place. With the incredible views that Gatlinburg has to offer, it’s silly to make the trip without having a little slice of these landscapes all to yourself.

Make a Dinner Reservation

When someone steals you away from the daily grind and takes you to a romantic hotel in Gatlinburg, you want all of the decisions made for you! Have a romantic dinner lined up before you leave for your trip. Ask the locals from My Smoky Mountain Travel to help you find the perfect setting for your celebration. Wine and dine your partner at one of the many exquisite dining options in Gatlinburg. The key to romance is having a plan ahead of time! When it comes to romantic dinners, it’s best not to wing it.

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Let the Hotel Staff Know You’re Celebrating

One pro travel tip for romantic celebrations is to always let the hotel or resort staff know that you’re celebrating something special. Giving them the heads-up helps everyone at the hotel to be prepared and maybe even offer some specials! Chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne don’t just show up on their own! Be sure to give them the details so they can assure you that you and your special guest will have an amazing vacation. The staff members at the hotels and resorts in Gatlinburg are famous for their hospitality and kindness. However, it can’t hurt to inform them of your special day.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

If you’ve just come up with the idea of celebrating a romantic weekend away, act now! Don’t wait for all of the best rooms and accommodations to be booked up. Even if this celebration isn’t for another month or two, it’s best to make your reservations as soon as possible. Start by reaching out to a representative from My Smoky Mountain Travel. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction and find you the best place to stay in Gatlinburg for your celebration. Since we know the Gatlinburg area so well, we can also help you find the best restaurants, hiking trails, and other forms of entertainment. Give us a call today!

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