Things You Should Pack for a Smoky Mountain Cabin Vacation

Boy using binoculars

The smell of fresh mountain air, the blue skies, and the endless green landscapes are just a few reasons to get to the Great Smoky Mountains this fall. While some visitors have made Smoky Mountain vacations a yearly routine, some are just visiting this area for the very first time. If you happen to be heading to one of the best cabins in Gatlinburg for your first Smoky Mountain vacation, it’s important to be prepared. You want to take into consideration all of the activities that you’re planning on participating in while you’re there. If you’re like most, you’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the great outdoors. If you’re unsure of how to prepare for your trip, you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of essential items that every visitor should have handy on their cabin trip.


The Great Smoky Mountains are filled with birds of prey and incredible wildlife. When one of these majestic creatures approaches your cabin or your group on a hike, you want to be ready! Binoculars are perfect for getting that close-up view of something amazing that you don’t see in your everyday life. Try to find a pair that’s compact so you can easily pack them in a backpack or pocket. That way you’ll have a front-row view of whatever comes your way. Binoculars are also great for those mornings on the balcony. Keep them close by while you sip your coffee and gaze out at your cabin’s panoramic views!

Picnic Basket and Blanket

With the sprawling hills and valleys surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll be happy you remembered to bring your picnic basket and a blanket or compact cooler and towels. Bring whatever makes it easy for you to pack a lunch and stretch your legs out in the green grass or a sea of wildflowers. With landscapes this beautiful, you won’t have to walk far from your cabin before you hit a quiet patch of land that’s perfect for a picnic.

Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen

You also want to make sure you’re protected from the sun during your cabin trip. You don’t want to be that person that got too much sun and has to sit out a day to recover. Remember that the sun can be harsh when you’re walking up and down nature trails. Be sure to pack a big hat that offers a lot of coverage and sunscreen. Sunglasses, especially ones that are polarized, are also recommended for an ultimate viewing experience.

Looking at map

Nature Trail Maps

Of course, it’s never recommended to walk aimlessly out into the woodlands. You want to make sure you have hiking guides and nature trail maps to follow. Make sure you have a good idea of how long the trail is and the level of difficulty before you set out. You don’t want to make a guess and get on a trail that’s 7 miles long and very difficult when you thought it was only 2 miles long and easy. If you want to book the best cabins and take the best trails, talk to the experts over at My Smoky Mountain Travel. We have a wide variety of cabin rental options and they know this area like nobody else. We can help you plan the perfect Smoky Mountain cabin vacation! Give us a call today and plan your next adventure!

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