The Best Kid-Friendly Amenities to Enjoy in Pigeon Forge Hotels

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Many vacation destinations are designed for adults, which can make a family-friendly trip difficult to find. If the place you stay doesn’t include anything for kids, they can get quite restless, making it a difficult trip for everyone. When traveling to Pigeon Forge, there are a number of hotels that offer various kid-friendly amenities. Here are some of the amenities that will ensure that your children have a great time.

Swimming Pool

One of the main features that most hotels include is swimming pools. This is usually one of the first places that kids want to get to when they arrive at a hotel. Any hotel you choose will likely have a spacious pool in which the kids can swim. While many of these are outdoors, there are multiple hotels in the area that feature indoor swimming pools, perfect for when inclement weather arrives. Indoor pools will ensure that your kids are never disappointed as they will not be kept from the pool. While this may seem like a simple amenity, it means a lot when you’re on a family vacation.

Kid-Friendly Food Options

Kids are very particular about what they will and will not eat. Whether it’s pizza, chicken, or macaroni and cheese, your kids will probably ask for a specific dish when you sit down at the table. Hotels in the area feature kid-friendly menus that are available all day so that you’ll be able to easily find something for your child to eat. This will ensure that they have a good meal and are happy with what they are served. It will allow you to avoid having to explain the food they want is unavailable and the potential foul mood that may follow.

Game Room

Video games are commonly played by kids today and local hotels are ready for their arrival. Multiple hotels in the area have game rooms with a variety of games. While your kids may have a gaming system at home, and potentially a travel game for the road, these game rooms feature those that you likely don’t have in your home, such as pinball. Whether the weather has changed your plans or you’re just looking for a relaxing night in, this is the perfect spot to keep your children occupied and having fun.

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Water Park

While most every hotel has a pool, many of the local hotels have water park features as well. This includes such features as a lazy river, water slides, and water playgrounds. These areas are specifically designed for kids, ensuring that they have fun and do not disrupt any other guests. You won’t have to worry about calming down your children as they play because they will be drawn to an area specifically intended for them. This will ensure that both you and your children have a great time.

It can be difficult to find a family-friendly adventure when so many destinations are designed for adults. Many of the Pigeon Forge hotels have various kid-friendly amenities, ensuring that your children have a great time. A better experience for your children will result in a relaxing vacation for you. Visit Smoky Mountain Travel for the best selection of kid-friendly hotels in Pigeon Forge, TN.

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