Reasons to Choose a Gatlinburg Hotel with an Indoor Pool

Kids in Pool

Even though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean people aren’t taking trips to Gatlinburg! Late summer and fall are popular times for tourism in the Smoky Mountain region. If you’re thinking about a visit soon, you’ll want to make sure you book the best accommodations. We have a lot of fun things to see and do. Swimming is always a popular activity when you’re enjoying a get-away. When shopping for Gatlinburg, TN hotel deals, make sure you ask about the swimming pool. Here are a few reasons why you won’t regret choosing a hotel with an indoor pool.

Make a Splash Anytime

If you’ve been to Gatlinburg during the cooler months, you already know one of the best reasons to stay in a hotel with an indoor swimming pool. While some outdoor swimming pools stay open past Labor Day, the weather does begin cooling off by the end of September. Even during the summer months, weather can send guests inside for dryer activities. When your hotel has an indoor pool, you can swim year-round.

Get an Early Morning Workout

You don’t have to give up your fitness routine while you’re on vacation! Many of the best hotels in Gatlinburg know many of their guests enjoy a workout early in the morning. Mornings in the mountains are often a bit on the chilly side. Having access to an indoor pool early in the day lets you get your exercise in before the rest of the world starts swimming. Maybe you don’t swim laps. That’s okay because indoor pool water is usually warm enough for a relaxing session of water resistance exercises. You might even step it up a bit and try some water aerobics. Either way, why not start the day with a splash?


Great for Friends and Family Time

Swimming pools make wonderful gathering places for people of all ages. Most indoor pools at hotels are a little smaller than the pools found outdoors. This makes a more intimate place to spend time with family and friends. With tables and chairs for visiting, even those who don’t feel like jumping in have a place to visit. You might even find a pool area with a snack bar. If not, most indoor pools have an area where you can set up a few snacks to keep hungry tummies happy during swim time. Need another reason to choose a hotel with an indoor pool? It’s easier to keep track of the ball during those crazy games of Marco Polo!

A Little Romance

Honeymooners love staying in hotels near Gatlinburg because of the romantic mountain setting. There’s something extra special about spending time in the fresh mountain air. Between picnics and hikes in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and visiting other attractions in town, you might not have time for a swim during the day, which is when most outdoor pools are open. An indoor pool is likely open later in the evening and since many guests start winding down at that time, you might have the pool to yourself. Keep in mind, swimming pools and romance go together, and not only in the movies.

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