Looking to Plan an Unforgettable Destination Wedding?

Let Nature’s Beauty be a Backdrop. Select a Wedding Location, Accommodations, Photographers and much more!

Use My Smoky Mountain Travel to Plan, Book, and Manage Every Detail

Plan an unforgettable wedding; plan a Smoky Mountains wedding! Did you know that it is possible to book a venue inside Smoky Mountains National Park? Smoky Mountains weddings are frequent among couples. So, why not say your vows with your sweetheart at a breathtaking Smoky Mountains National Park wedding venue? Let My Smoky Mountain Travel help make it happen. We help with everything, including booking the venue, finding accommodations for your guests, arranging catering and photography, and so much more.

Begin your great adventure together at the Great Smoky Mountains, where adventure awaits!

Great Smoky Mountains Wedding

Select a Location

Find a special location for your wedding whether it's at the base of the Smoky Mountains or at one of the local hotels.

Wedding Vendors

Find Local Wedding Vendors

Ensuring your big day goes off without a hitch requires help from the best local vendors specializing in weddings. Find the best local vendors, from photographers to caterers, to ensure your wedding is perfect.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Smoky Mountain Wedding

Plan Early

The Smoky Mountains provide many options whether a river, mountain, or historic building for your special day. Due to the popularity of the National Park, we recommend that you plan early. The National Park only allows 2 weddings at each Park location daily.

Get Your Permit

Visit the National Park Website to apply for a permit if you would like to plan a wedding in the National Park. Choose from nearly 50 available locations. Just remember the National Park is still open to visitors.

Simplify the Guest List

Weddings in the Smoky Mountains can comfortably host 25 guests and wedding party members. The natural beauty of the Park provides a unique setting that doesn’t require a lot of additional décor.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Weather patterns can change in the Smoky Mountains. We suggest that you work with local vendors to plan for inclement weather. We don’t want the weather to detract from the importance of your big day.

Frame the Shot

Technology has made the pool of photographers much greater. However, the unique terrain and lighting can make it challenging to get the best shot. We recommend selecting one the many local photographers who has experience shooting in the Smoky Mountains.

Come Early, Stay Late

The Smoky Mountains are not just a great location for a wedding but also your honeymoon. My Smoky Mountain Travel is a wedding planner and travel planner all in one. Start planning today.