Personalization is the Key to Enhancing a Travel Customer’s Experience

The travel segment is thriving, particularly to international destinations. Naturally, longer trips to places further from home require greater planning. This news bodes well for travel resources in the digital space because constant innovation in internet and mobile technologies aids the traveler in gathering information, planning itineraries, and booking reservations.

In a technology-driven industry, the importance of providing convenient and customizable experiences for consumers is critical. In fact, 57% of travelers expect personalized information tailored to previous purchases, with 38% of those stating they would pay for those services. Sites like have reported that 80% of customers prefer to self-serve in order to access the information they need. My Smoky Mountain Travel is focused on providing users with a unique way to plan, book, and manage travel to the My Smoky Mountain area.

The predictions show digital advancements driving new trends fueling positive growth for the travel industry. In the last decade, it was reported that the average traveler visits up to 20 websites before making a purchase. Advancements in online travel applications, such as My Smoky Mountain Travel, provide users with more complete information all in one place, reducing the complexity and the time spent planning a vacation.