How to Rent a Cabin in Gatlinburg, TN


For many parts of the nation, summer is the prime season to start planning family trips to the cabin. It’s the perfect time to walk outside, go swimming in a lake or pool, and explore the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Gatlinburg, TN, is one of the best cities in the southeast for outdoor activities. Because it rests on the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it has some of the most popular vacation resorts in the state and can get very busy during the warmer months. Since cabin rentals are in such high demand during this time of year, it’s crucial to do your research and book your stay in advance, so you have a better chance of getting that perfect summer getaway spot.

Plan Your Itinerary before Booking

Research Gatlinburg to see what parts of the city you would want to explore before finding a cabin. Some cabins may be more secluded, so if you’re wanting to explore the city, you’ll want to book a cabin that is closer to the main roads for easier travel.

Review Cabin Description Thoroughly

Here are some things to consider when making a cabin selection: your party size, the cabin size, nearby attractions and activities, travel time for places on your itinerary, and amenities. There are many different cabins to stay in Gatlinburg, and they come in all sizes and with different amenities. Determine your party size and what you want to do on our vacation before you make a reservation. Review the occupancy size for each cabin and amenities they offer. Some cabins may have an onsite pool or additional parking if you’re driving multiple cars to your destination.

Smoky Mountains

Read Reviews about Cabins

Read through Google or Yelp reviews of the cabins to see what other people’s experiences have been with the cabins. It’s always best to get a second opinion before you make your choice.

As you narrow down your options, check which cabins are available during the timeframe you’re interested in booking. If you plan on staying near the mountains during a busy holiday such as Labor Day weekend, try to book your reservation far in advance.

Once you have selected the right time and place, you can instantly make a reservation online. My Smoky Mountain Travel does not charge additional fees to people who book cabin rentals online. After you confirm your choice, you can review your travel information and receipt on your online account. Once you book your cabin, you can focus more on finalizing your itinerary, packing your bags, and looking up the best route to your cabin.

Don’t procrastinate on making reservations for the best time of the year to explore the mountains with your family and friends. Contact My Smoky Mountain Travel if you need further advice on finding the best cabins in Gatlinburg.

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