HIKING In The Smokies

Hiking in the Smokies is the most frequented activity within the Smoky Mountain National Park. There are hundreds of miles of Smoky Mountain hiking trails and none of them will disappoint. Great Smoky Mountain trails offer something for every traveler, whether it be a short flat hike allowing you to taking in the beauty, or a tough uphill hike pushing you to the limits, the Smokies have it all.

The best trail in the Smokies is an often sought after answer to a tough question. To be honest, there really isn’t a correct answer as it is all preference, but there are ways to help you find the best trail for YOU.  My Smoky Mountain Travel allows you to sort and filter the Great Smoky Mountain trails.  

Maybe you want to find the best views in Smoky Mountains, or Smoky Mountain waterfall trails…whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it here on My Smoky Mountain Travel.

When Hiking in the Smokies you also want to ensure that are prepared for the trail you will be hiking on. Some trails require proper hiking equipment while others need little more than normal shoes and clothing to enjoy to it’s fullest extent. Our Blog is a great resource on what to bring, what to wear, and what to expect while hiking.  Be sure to check out our blog for your upcoming Smoky Mountain vacation and hiking trip!

abrams fall waterfall

Abrams Falls

  • Moderate

The Abrams Falls Trail begins by immediately crossing a large wooden bridge over Abrams Creek, which follows beside the trail for most of its length. Just downstream from here Mill Creek flows into and is absorbed by Abrams, and a side trail leads about a half mile to the…
looking at Laurel Falls through the trees

Laurel Falls

  • Easy

The Laurel Falls Trail is the most trampled, beaten, and worn down path in the entire national park– at least to the waterfall. Because of this the national park service has had to pave this segment trail with a dark concrete, so as to prevent further erosion of the…
hiking trail footbridge on gatlinburg trail located in gatlinburg tn

Gatlinburg Trail

  • Easy

The Gatlinburg Trail is a very unique trail in comparison to other trails within the Smoky Mountain National Park because it allows both bike riding and pet walking. Frequented by all types including hikers, joggers, cyclists, and pet lovers, it isn’t the best trail if your looking for solitude…
ramsey cascades in the smoky mountains national park

Ramsey Cascades

  • Moderate

Ramsey Cascades is a wonderful Smoky Mountains hiking trail totaling about 8 miles in round trip length.  Hikers can expect to cross many foot bridges over the rushing cascades of the Little Pigeon River, Ramsey Prong, and Ramsey Branch. Also found on the trail is large boulder fields and virgin…
steep cliffs along the alum cave trail

Alum Cave Trail

  • Moderate

The Alum Cave trail is one of the most feature rich trails within the Smoky Mountains National Park.  During the hike you’ll find a wide variety of different features which is why this trail is so spectacular.  Considered a moderate to difficult hike and totaling nearly 10 miles round…